If valuation Is So Terrible, Why Don’t Statistics Show It?

Best Valuation and won’t name-names but they know who they are can’t believe they get a TV show and a column in the paper anyway we move on how did he know he don’t you are you should know I mentioned a bee that might work it out I saw some of the listeners light work out who that is so yeah if we got flooding so absolutely we need to understand peak flood events storm events bushfire events those types of things that will risk the marketplace on a macro level so you know again these are some of the things are outside our control but if we if we make a decision now to invest because of climate change we’re well you’re still going to have to be around you’re still gonna have live a little while longer exactly you don’t want sort of just live in a box.

Property Valuation and don’t doanything the way you online house valuations can mitigate thatbecause I agree is in prison forexample we can actually see records ofthe in the floods yeah so weas an advisory team will not buy correcta property for a client that’s beenaffected by a flood pride what’sinteresting about the in the floods is was higher water level affected more people because of density flood level was actually hi okaybecause oh yeah the point of that isyou can mitigate I guess weather isbecause Brisbane is the river city it’sgot a big damn it has to let go and there’s a huge amount of rain and that’s got to run downstream and youknow.

I remember saying we all rememberseeing that we are boardwalk down at thebottom ago getting smashed under thestory I absolutely get done but we wedon’t buy something that’s beenpreviously affected now there are peoplewho are speculators all going to matewho bought a property that was underwater and injure pillions made quitegood dollars because there’s yearsbetween floods and so he’s just takenapart and said i can buy cheap i canrenovate add some value and move on andpeople will forget quickly and they maychange the infrastructure de ver to bethat water I won’t you know that I’llsavor these events even though they’reone in a hundred year events we knowwhat happened twice in years or foodso do you think one in a hundred yearsit doesn’t mean it happens once everyhundred years just go there’s aone-percent chance of it happening everycorrect that’s a really good point sowhere the risk is definitely a risk butyou can mitigate even so you know youlook at.

The storms the storms areprobably the hardest one because up inFar North Queensland they’ve gotinsurance premiums that reflect thatthat’s pretty a sort of ad hoc andrandom but ultimately you know they theysurvive as long as you can have a lookat previous flood level history that’sthat’s a good and be trans let’s notforget the rising king tides these bigstorm surges you know we see videos ofand new stories of houses falling intooceans and all of that because of theselarger storm events so you knowbeachfront land which we would consideris absolute scarce you want to make surethat if you’re buying beachfront landwhat are the risks associated witherosion and those types of things aswell so it’s not just the big stormsthat come through and the floodingflooding it’s also these storm surges inthese locations where what we wouldclass as beautiful prime real estate canalso be impacted through through weatherevents so the question of those sorts ofproperties are are they investment gradebecause I make for beautifulowner-occupier residences but for mostpeople they can mitigate the fact thatit’s probably a fair way out of the bellcurve not impossible but I stretchdefinitely not been some out of the bellcurve for most property investors whoare looking to probably spend submillion to buy so that’s kind of the youput it boring but important the.

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