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Questions You Should Always Ask About Valuation Before Buying It

The acceleration’s actually positive in England.So it isn’t a given, but compared to other bubbles around the world, the only bubble that compares to ours in the past is the Japanese bubble.

I don’t see us having that big of a fall, but I see % as being modest in terms of thinking of how far it could fall. Again, the one wild card here is Chinese buying. And as soon as there are problems with house prices.


I can see the Australian government reversing its current www.melbournevaluers.net.au attempt to stop overseas purchases and encourage them back again if it keeps house prices rising. So I can see them going that.Ryan Okay. I guess there’s more at play here than just mortgage rates of Australians. We ‘ve also got to take the global economy into effect and other countries like China investing in Australia.

Steve And politics in China. Because if the Chinese continue to want to get their money out because they’re afraid of a collapse in their economy and the crack down by the communist party, then we can get flooded with money. If the communist party cracks down success rally, people could be forced to sell their properties over here.

So the final gamble people are making is what’s going to happen in China. That’s a pretty big gamble.Ryan That is a pretty big gamble. We’re talking about another country’s government making a decision that could affect our property prices here in Australia.Steve Yeah, that’s right.Ryan Okay. Wow, I’ve learned a lot from this. I really appreciate you for your time and taking.