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The great thing is this isas long as they’re original so if youcreated something yourself then it’sautomatically protected by copyright isit fall under those categories and ifits original and the best thing about itis it’s free and you don’t actually haveto go and register us so you can startputting the leather scene at circle on property valuation perth website for example on.

Any sketchthatyou may sketchthatyou may would have seen this opalin the year and that is the can be usedpotentially as proof of your ownershipof that particular copyrights last years and you actually have to have comeup with an invention that’s never beendone before in the whole world so it’s avery high-tech got to be you it’s got tobe in dt it’s g.


ot to be capable of beingreproduced and manufactured andbasically in the fashion world it mightapply to a new type of textile forexample or English finish on somethingthat’s maybe making a waterproof etcthings like that which are reallyinventions they’re not they’re not sortof creativity and design the all thefunction of the products so they applyto some designers in. some

some circumstancesfor example a lot of thethe sportswear companies Independent House Valuation have patternslike speedo for example has patents onon certain certain technology thatthey’ve created but for most people inthe fashion world captain’s willprobably be less important trademarks isa huge one and I’ll go into that in asecond basically a trademark is a brandso don’t get confused about theterminology as well it’s a brand so

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it’s a brand so youcan think about pretty much more thaneverybody here the brand is crucial it’simportant the way that you show yourbrand logo you use the colors you usethe consistency with which you use itattracts people so that is somethingthat you want to make sure that youprotect protection of an appearance of aproduct so you can see how important infashion designers.

you could protect yourcurative say a jacket or a pair of shoesor it of jewelry or a watch the actualphysical appearance not the functionbecause the function is what parents dobut it’s actually the appearance sowe’re going to.

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There, we’ve got a little links to the pool descriptions and couple videos on that there but in some cases pool does add value like in places like Queenslandpotentially but in some areas of pools are actually going to take away more value the costs so is important to understand your area as to whether pool is going to add value or not or.

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You could also go ahead and add a water feature. which may or may not add value to a property. So there you have different ways where you can add value to your backyard really turn your backyard into the area of your house that has that wow factor and that helps potential buyers emotionally connect with your property. Again if.

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That’s a really great resource if you’re interested in a positive cash flow properties. So until tomorrow remember that your term success only happens one day at a time.Many investors or home buyers want to know how they can increase their borrowing capacity when they can afford to purchase the property they want or so they can go out and purchase more investment properties.

Hi, I’m Ryan Mclean from where we teach people like yourself how they to find and invest in positive cash flow properties all over the nation. Today I sit down with Brad from and he shares his insights as a mortgage broker into how investors or.

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Their actions and words upset my daughter to the point of tears,” said Caudell’s mother, Andrea Cornell. “It’s unspeakable to think anyone would act in this manner.” Valuation makes noteworthy property trades as the Philosophy of Valuation is represented as doing a generous change of properties title beginning with one individual then onto the running as one with. Other than this whole veritable and complex structure is performed by expert Valuers at who are other than called as settlement executive.
Butler County GOP leaders feel the same way, though they are not entirely willing to accept the story at face value and said Wednesday that they had not previously heard about Caudell’s encounter. “If you have a Kerry supporter involved, you have to wonder whether the story maybe is getting exaggerated to help the opposition,” said Quentin Nichols, the county Republican Party’s Central Committee chairman.

In the event that you are a first-time buyer or shipper in light of current circumstances, it is key for you to get a Valuerswho as distinctive years of thought in the field of degree in performing property trade strategy of getting a property or offering a property both.”But if it did happen, I’d feel terrible and would be more than willing to apologize to this girl. I’d be shocked if a couple of grown men accosted a young lady just on the basis of a bumper sticker. If it happened this way, it’s totally inappropriate.”

The two men “seemed and acted like they were campaign volunteers, but I didn’t see any name tags or anything,” Caudell said. Nichols said while the lack of names, combined with the absence of any witnesses, would make checking into Caudell’s story difficult, he intends to try. Although an ardent Kerry supporter whose interest in politics and the presidential race was aroused by a government class last spring, Caudell said she wanted to attend the Bush rally at Voice of America Park simply for the thrill of seeing a presidential visit virtually in her own backyard.

“I always wanted to hear the president speak,” Caudell said. “How often is the president in West Chester?” For Caudell, the ticket episode was not the only time that her preference for Kerry has drawn harsh reactions in heavily Republican West Chester. Her car, which until recently also had “Vote for Kerry” painted on its back window, has been spit on, and the 17-year-old, in her mother’s words, frequently has had “single digits waved at her” while driving. Property Valuation structure has astounding recognized steps to quick and in light of that, there is need to get a comprehended and experienced property Valuersto make your system perform accurately without showing any slip at present property getting or offering both.

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The acceleration’s actually positive in England.So it isn’t a given, but compared to other bubbles around the world, the only bubble that compares to ours in the past is the Japanese bubble.

I don’t see us having that big of a fall, but I see % as being modest in terms of thinking of how far it could fall. Again, the one wild card here is Chinese buying. And as soon as there are problems with house prices.


I can see the Australian government reversing its current attempt to stop overseas purchases and encourage them back again if it keeps house prices rising. So I can see them going that.Ryan Okay. I guess there’s more at play here than just mortgage rates of Australians. We ‘ve also got to take the global economy into effect and other countries like China investing in Australia.

Steve And politics in China. Because if the Chinese continue to want to get their money out because they’re afraid of a collapse in their economy and the crack down by the communist party, then we can get flooded with money. If the communist party cracks down success rally, people could be forced to sell their properties over here.

So the final gamble people are making is what’s going to happen in China. That’s a pretty big gamble.Ryan That is a pretty big gamble. We’re talking about another country’s government making a decision that could affect our property prices here in Australia.Steve Yeah, that’s right.Ryan Okay. Wow, I’ve learned a lot from this. I really appreciate you for your time and taking.

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Best Valuation and won’t name-names but they know who they are can’t believe they get a TV show and a column in the paper anyway we move on how did he know he don’t you are you should know I mentioned a bee that might work it out I saw some of the listeners light work out who that is so yeah if we got flooding so absolutely we need to understand peak flood events storm events bushfire events those types of things that will risk the marketplace on a macro level so you know again these are some of the things are outside our control but if we if we make a decision now to invest because of climate change we’re well you’re still going to have to be around you’re still gonna have live a little while longer exactly you don’t want sort of just live in a box.

Property Valuation and don’t doanything the way you online house valuations can mitigate thatbecause I agree is in prison forexample we can actually see records ofthe in the floods yeah so weas an advisory team will not buy correcta property for a client that’s beenaffected by a flood pride what’sinteresting about the in the floods is was higher water level affected more people because of density flood level was actually hi okaybecause oh yeah the point of that isyou can mitigate I guess weather isbecause Brisbane is the river city it’sgot a big damn it has to let go and there’s a huge amount of rain and that’s got to run downstream and youknow.

I remember saying we all rememberseeing that we are boardwalk down at thebottom ago getting smashed under thestory I absolutely get done but we wedon’t buy something that’s beenpreviously affected now there are peoplewho are speculators all going to matewho bought a property that was underwater and injure pillions made quitegood dollars because there’s yearsbetween floods and so he’s just takenapart and said i can buy cheap i canrenovate add some value and move on andpeople will forget quickly and they maychange the infrastructure de ver to bethat water I won’t you know that I’llsavor these events even though they’reone in a hundred year events we knowwhat happened twice in years or foodso do you think one in a hundred yearsit doesn’t mean it happens once everyhundred years just go there’s aone-percent chance of it happening everycorrect that’s a really good point sowhere the risk is definitely a risk butyou can mitigate even so you know youlook at.

The storms the storms areprobably the hardest one because up inFar North Queensland they’ve gotinsurance premiums that reflect thatthat’s pretty a sort of ad hoc andrandom but ultimately you know they theysurvive as long as you can have a lookat previous flood level history that’sthat’s a good and be trans let’s notforget the rising king tides these bigstorm surges you know we see videos ofand new stories of houses falling intooceans and all of that because of theselarger storm events so you knowbeachfront land which we would consideris absolute scarce you want to make surethat if you’re buying beachfront landwhat are the risks associated witherosion and those types of things aswell so it’s not just the big stormsthat come through and the floodingflooding it’s also these storm surges inthese locations where what we wouldclass as beautiful prime real estate canalso be impacted through through weatherevents so the question of those sorts ofproperties are are they investment gradebecause I make for beautifulowner-occupier residences but for mostpeople they can mitigate the fact thatit’s probably a fair way out of the bellcurve not impossible but I stretchdefinitely not been some out of the bellcurve for most property investors whoare looking to probably spend submillion to buy so that’s kind of the youput it boring but important the.

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The value of property has gone up or is it just in-rate with inflation, or that %?Simon It’s generally in-rate with inflation. I mean, you can’t go higher than % from the annual rate and generally, it’s CPI’s, they’re all % is the industry standard. Bust does vary. I mean, you know, people do try to get more.Ryan And that’s up to what? Do you negotiate that at the start of the contract or can negotiation ate it mid-contract?Simon No, it’s start of the contract. If it’s a  plus , which is generally a standard sort of a lease term for a small office. You would put those rent increases in the initial contract in the beginning.Ryan And what do you mean by  plus ? Sorry.Simon So,  plus  means you’ve got a -year lease and at the end of that term, you have the option to renew that to another -year lease if you wish. So, if someone wanted that particular office, you’ve got the first right of renewal before it goes back on the market.Ryan Okay. So, that’s for the business who’s renting from you. They can get another -year lease from you. So you can’t just kick them out and get someone else in.

They have the first chance to re-lease that property from you.Simon Yeah. It is a renewal of a lease. Depending on the case by case. Brisbane Property Valuers Generally, at the end of that -year, if you, as a landlord is unhappy, then obviously, that’s the break of the lease.At that point you can move them on.Ryan Okay. So, we’ve talked about some of the differences between residential and commercial.And I think I’ve got my head around it, you know, you’re generally going to need a larger deposit. Rental yields tend to be higher for commercial properties. You’ve got expenses are paid by the tenant themselves. You’ve got longer leases with increases annually throughout that lease. And then, you’ve also got potentially longer vacancy rates in order to get someone in but once they are in, it’s going to be more consistent for you. Is there anything – we were going to talk about what are the advantages.

They can get another -year lease from you. So you can’t just kick them out and get someone else in. But basically, all of those things except the longer period of vacancy rate are the advantages of investing in commercial property. It seems to make a lot of sense to me. I guess, people would need a larger deposit in order to get into it. So, is there anything that we’ve missed that people should know about investing in commercial property?Simon The biggest thing is – one of the disadvantages, I would say, would be that typically they have low capital growth.