What characteristics do posses by the BPI process ?

The Elizabeth Fry Society Family Housing Project is a $5. 2 million housing development designed to house low- and moderate -income families. The development features 46 one-, two-, and three-bedroom units and will feature courtyards, a play area, and a common room to foster community. The City of Kamloops will provide the society with two grants for the project: one for $100,000, and another estimated at $127,000.

The Kamloops and District Elizabeth Fry Society was incorporated in 1973 with their primary focus to provide services to women who are or who could become in conflict with the law, Building Inspections Melbourne to increase public awareness and understanding of the special problems faced by these women. The society now provides programs for a wide range of individuals, with a special emphasis on youth. Their social programs include advocacy services, a youth community measures program, a community outreach program, a courtwork program, a supervised access program for non-custodial parents, a residential program providing support and advocacy to youth at risk, and a pre-trial program and a library program at the Kamloops Regional Correction Centre.

The society also runs a number of housing programs including: Hilltop Apartments, a 35-unit family housing development; Corner House, a 14-unit apartment complex for homeless, or at risk of being homeless individuals; and a three-bedroom house for women in need of temporary accommodation. Elizabeth Gurney Fry was born in England in 1780 and her life was dedicated to improving the condition and treatment of imprisoned women. She was the first woman, other than the Queen, to appear before a parliamentary committee, when she presented a report on prison conditions. Her recommendations resulted in sweeping changes to the prison system.

KAMLOOPS – Kamloops Active Support Against Poverty (KASAP) is one of nine regional housing centres across the province awarded Community Housing Initiatives (CHI) grants, Kamloops MLA Cathy McGregor announced today. Over half the renters in Kamloops are paying more than they can afford for shelter. Approximately 30 per cent are spending more than half their income on rent every month,” said McGregor.

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