Is the process of BPI is lengthy and complex ?

The process of BPI can be lengthy and complex when the complex issues are not be sorted out. When the problem are not sorted out then it can create more and more complicated situation. If the process do have many complex issues then the more time can be taken for the accomplishment of the BPI process of  An alternative would be to have a standing mediator or mediation panel to whom failures to agree could be referred with reference to arbitration being reserved for cases not resolved with the aid of recommendations from the mediator.

images (1)Ideally such ‘third party’ assistance should not be required and we would hope that recommendations elsewhere in the report designed to foster problem solving, shared and integrative approaches would contribute to making it unnecessary. The Commission was set up in the context of, and using the space provided by, a two year pay deal. The employers are in favour of longer term deals rather than annual wage negotiations. The unions do not oppose the principle of this, although their willingness to enter into such deals of course depends on their substance.

So there must be errors and faults are to be removed for making the process of BPI more simple and less time consuming but if necessary steps are not taken then it becomes more lengthy and complex and the situation arises where the process has to be shut it down.  Longer term deals can provide some stability and predictability. Employers can know their cost profile. They might link to longer term budgeting in local government and less central government direction on how money should be used.

Longer term deals can also allow a space within which agrees reforms (including those indicated by this Commission) may be implemented. Staging of settlements can be used to provide incentives to action. In this Chapter we expressed our support for the continuation of the two-level (national local) arrangement for pay determination in local government. We recommended the NJC parties work jointly towards a revised national agreement along suggested lines, and undertake reform of the bargaining and dispute settlement machinery.

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