In which format description is to be mention in reports of BPI?

The copyright holder should contact the caller direct and either grant or refuse permission. CLA will refuse permission only in a very few exceptional cases either CLA cannot authorise the copying of the caller has not agreed. The business plan for their information service library (if it is available) will enable candidates to understand how their service is intended to meet user needs and expectations.

BPI Brisbane will also enable candidates to understand how the services will be delivered. However if there is not a business plan for their service then there may be one for the directorate division business group of which their information service library is a part. It is important for candidates to understand the user needs for their service. If there is no recognition of user needs in available business plans then discussion with their line manager as to the future direction of the information library service would be useful. This would establish if the candidate should take on a separate further activity, such as a project designed to establish user needs.

Candidates need to consider the physical and/or virtual environment in which they deliver library information services. Hence candidates need to establish how information is organised within their Library information service concentrating on how do users find information does the way it is organised help them or hinder them. Questions candidates could seek answers to are if it is a library what classification system is used and why how are non-book media formats organised.

if it is a web based information service, how is the web constructed organised, what is the function of portals, is there a taxonomy in place, if so how does it function. Observation of users and analysis of their activities and or project work such as a survey should enable candidates to make an assessment of the effectiveness of the organisation of information. Candidates should look at any collected evidence (statistics, survey reports etc), which contains data useful in an evaluation of the service. in particular showing how much the information library services are currently used (eg web page counters and or server statistics, numbers of enquiries, etc).

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