Due to what factors the process of BPI is widely accepted by all ?

The process of BPI is widely accepted by all because the people do not want to increase the burden of loss or the expenditure for the housing property. when the house is been examined timely then the house can be protected from damages.   A number of DLO staff are participating in disability networks established across the MOD to discuss issues affecting them. The DLO is keen to encourage the formation of further local networks.

This will enable us to target our actions more effectively to make the DLO a place in which staff can achieve their full potential and maximise their contribution, regardless of disability. I think that being involved with a disability network makes me more aware I’m not alone and that there are some areas in the MOD only too happy to help me become the best I can to do my job.  For example, the Warship Support Agency has been particularly proactive in progressing disability initiatives.

For doing control on the damages of the house the Dilapidation Report Brisbane is been introduced which is generally accepted by all. So the most important factor for the widely acceptance of the BPI process is to protect the house and save the finance from unnecessary damages expenses by the house holder.  You may well notice changes to MOD premises in the forthcoming months. This is due to the implementation of the next part of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Tim Flesher, DCDL is holding Band E and Band B Women’s Focus Groups to discuss in particular any barriers which exist that prevent women from advancing their careers. Tim hosted the Band E focus group on 10 February 2004 which engendered a very open and informative discussion. We hope to identify the key issues and then take appropriate action to help and remove as far as possible any barriers, both to progression and to improving the working environment. I brought with me to the DLO a passionate interest in diversity issues, dating from membership of a panel several years ago which introduced the concept to the Civil Service.

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