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Why the people are always in tension for performing the building and pest inspection process?

This would allow a UK approach. It would, moreover, ensure employers fulfil their proper roles, whilst reassuring government that standards are being raised and improvements achieved through workforce reform. Building inspection There is much to be welcomed about the workforce in the Green Paper. In particular the possible creation of a Children’s Commissioner and lead members will help tackle the issues of image.

The recognition of problems of workload especially in social work is overdue. The commitment to recruitment initiatives, leadership development, new roles and learning resources will all assist create capacity.The document is less clear about how it will tackle perceived problems between the professions and the advocacy of multi-disciplinary teams. Management of interfaces is always the challenge, rather than a false generic blurring of important boundaries.

¬†Whilst it is accepted that people may, with the right training, be able to perform elements of each other’s job. it is critical that people know who is doing what and that the best people are performing where their skills are most needed. From an independent sector perspective the issues of pay and reward must come across as lacking insight into the diverse and complex nature of the employers and occupational groups involved.

It potentially, but not necessarily, strips employers of the vital functions of workforce planning and training strategy. These are to be argued over in the consultation. Employers in education, social care and health have not been as cohesive or child focused as they should have been in performing these functions. They have had the opportunity to tackle professional and organisational barriers to service improvement.

The LGA, ADSS and partners in the Inter-Agency Group flagged up these issues in Serving Children Well many months ago. It now remains to convince government that help and support to employers will be more productive and economical than the take-over of primary functionsSo they wouldn’t take any notice of the story of a young woman who, walking along the Holloway Road in London the other week. actually had her earphones wrenched out of her ears by an overzealous young woman who wanted her to spend a minute or two for children.